Terms of use


Last updated: 25th October 2022


1.     Introduction

These User Terms and Conditions (the “Agreement”) are a binding agreement between You (“User) and 

Rooms2U Limited (“Rooms2U”) is a company registered in England and Wales 

Company number: 11967528 

1.     Registered office: 48 Arwenack Street, Falmouth, Cornwall TR11 3JH, UK

1.1          This agreement regulates Your access to and use of the website www.Rooms2U.com  and the Rooms2U Marketplace Web Application developed for use in a web browser including on mobile devices (collectively the “Rooms2U Marketplace” or “Rooms2U Platform”). The functionality of the Rooms2U Marketplace specifically designed for use by Users (the “User Application”) allows the User to register, and use products and services through the Rooms2U Marketplace. 

1.2          You may agree to these terms and conditions when you register with us by filling in a tick box and agree to be bound by these terms, otherwise, you cannot access or use the User Application and the Rooms2U Marketplace. 

1.3          Rooms2U may terminate, without notice, Your access to the Rooms2U Marketplace and/or the User Application if You fail to comply with this Agreement. 

You also represent and warrant to Rooms2U that:

1.4          You are at least eighteen years of age and have the authority to enter into this Agreement;


2.     Your Information and Privacy

2.1          To order and use our Services and products we may ask you to provide details or information. How we collect, store and use the information you provide when you use the User Application and the Rooms2U Marketplace is set out in the Privacy Policy.

2.2          It is a condition of use that all the information you give us is accurate and true and current. You acknowledge and agree that any information you give us is regulated by our Privacy Policy. 

2.3          You also agree to all actions we take concerning your information according to that Privacy Policy. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information on your personal data.


3.     The Rooms2U Marketplace

3.1          The Rooms2U Marketplace is a marketing channel via which Sellers advertise Rooms for residential or commercial purposes to Users. Users can search for Rooms online and correspond via internal messaging with Sellers offering the Rooms. Purchase and letting transactions facilitated by the Rooms2U Marketplace are conducted outside the Rooms2U Marketplace, which solely serves as an information and advertising medium.

3.2          Rooms2U does not have any control over any of the Sellers or other third parties, and therefore is not liable or responsible for any actions taken, or supposed to be taken, by any Seller or third party.


4.     Purpose

4.1          The purpose of this Agreement is to set out the terms and conditions under which Rooms2U will let You access the Rooms2U Marketplace and use the User Application through Your mobile device, tablet or computer.


5.     Registration

5.1          You do not need to register or open an account to browse our website, However, to use the Rooms2U Marketplace and the features made available through the User Application, You are required to complete a registration process to create a User Account with Rooms2U (“Account”).

5.2          When You create Your Account You are given access to use the Rooms2U Marketplace solely for informational purposes and as allowed under the Agreement.

5.3          Creating Your Account offers You access to various functions that include but are not limited to entering and editing Your personal details, reviewing Rooms offered on the Rooms2U Marketplace, communicating with Sellers, saving listings and sharing listings. To create Your Account, it is necessary to provide certain personal information, which includes but is not limited to, Your name, address and email address.

5.4          The principles for Rooms2U’s collection, storage and use of personal information provided by You when registering for an Account and/or using the User Application and the Rooms2U Marketplace is set out in the Privacy Policy.


6.     Information on Rooms2U

6.1          The User Application presents You with a description of the available Rooms so that You get clear information about specifications, features, delivery, planning permission requirements, as well as other relevant information about the Rooms.

6.2          Please note that the Rooms2U Marketplace is not the provider or the producer of the Rooms listed nor is Rooms2U responsible for the information given about each Room. As the provider and/or seller of the Rooms, the Seller is responsible for all information regarding the listings on the Rooms2U Marketplace. If You have any questions regarding information about a Room listed You should direct any queries directly to the Seller via the message facility on the Rooms2U Marketplace. You may also contact Rooms2U by email at [email protected]

6.3          All agreements for the sale or transfer of Items or payments concerning these transactions are made directly between You and the Seller and not through the Rooms2U Marketplace. You are responsible for all your agreements and arrangements such as delivery between you and the customer.

6.4          Images of Rooms are for illustrative purposes only. There may be slight variations in colour and size between the image of a Room and the actual Room offered for sale or rent.

6.5          When a User has completed Registration and is logged in to the Rooms2U Marketplace, the User can search for Rooms that are being offered for sale or rental. The Seller shall make all reasonable efforts to ensure that all prices shown on the User Application and/or Rooms2U Marketplace are correct at the time of going online. The Seller reserves the right to change prices and to add, alter, or remove special offers from time to time and as necessary including price changes for a particular Room that may vary from day to day.


7.     Payment

7.1          Any transaction that You may conduct with a Seller is carried out directly with the Seller and not on or via the Rooms2U Marketplace. Rooms2U does not get involved in any transaction You may have with the Seller.


8.     Collection or Customer Delivery

8.1          The Seller is solely responsible for arrangements for the Delivery of Items to the Customer.


9.     Rooms2U Fees

9.1          Rooms2U does not currently charge Users to use the Rooms2U Marketplace and/or User Application. Rooms2U may, at any point and at its sole discretion, elect to begin charging fees for use of different elements of the User Application and/or for different levels of subscriptions to the Rooms2U Marketplace. If this occurs, Rooms2U will give advance warning of any additional charges and seek to amend this Agreement accordingly.


10.  Seller Responsibility for Rooms

10.1       The Seller is solely responsible for the Rooms that they advertise via the Rooms2U Marketplace. Rooms2U Limited is not the producer, retailer or provider of the Rooms listed on the Rooms2U Marketplace and will not, to the extent permissible by UK law, be liable for the quality of any Rooms listed, any damage caused by or connected to any Rooms listed, or any errors or erroneous information that may be included in the listing.

10.2       If you detect a technical error or other error in the Rooms2U Marketplace or any listings on the Rooms2U Marketplace, you can report the problem through the Rooms2U Marketplace or using email [email protected] .



11.  Customer Support

11.1       Rooms2U offers support to Users during normal office working hours and via the Rooms2U support centre. Please refer to the Rooms2U Marketplace for up-to-date information on how to access the support centre and its opening hours.


Conditions of Use

12.  User Responsibilities

12.1       It is Your responsibility to make sure that all information provided by You to Rooms2U and on the Rooms2U Marketplace, is current, accurate, and complete, and that You will maintain the accuracy and completeness of this information going forward.

12.2       It is also Your responsibility to maintain all passwords and access codes to the User Application, and refrain from sharing or otherwise permitting third parties to use any such passwords and/or access codes to access the User Application and/or Rooms2U Marketplace. The User is solely responsible for the Items that they make available through the User Application and via the Rooms2U Marketplace. 


13.  Security and violations

13.1       Rooms2U makes every effort to keep the User Application and the Rooms2U Marketplace safe and secure but needs Your help to do it by not violating or attempting to violate the security of the User Application or the Rooms2U Marketplace.

13.2       Furthermore, You may not use the User Application or the Rooms2U Marketplace for any purpose that:

a.             invades any person’s or entity’s privacy or other rights;

b.             misidentifies You or impersonates any person or entity, including, without limitation, any employee or representative of Rooms2U;

c.              pretends to be someone other than You are or pretends to represent a company or organisation that You are not affiliated with or authorized to represent;

d.             could otherwise reasonably be deemed or viewed to be unethical, illegal or offensive.


14.  Rooms2U Rights

14.1       Rooms2U has the right to at any time suspend or terminate a User’s Account and access to the User Application or the non-public portions of the Rooms2U Marketplace if the User violates the Agreement or uses the User Application and/or the Rooms2U Marketplace in a way that is harmful to Rooms2U or any third party.


15.  Third-party content

15.1       The User Application and the Rooms2U Marketplace provide access to Content provided by Sellers and other third parties, including Room information, pricing, discount information, menus, photographs, graphics and Seller information (“Third Party Content”).


16.  Information Accuracy

16.1       The originator of any Third Party Content is solely responsible for it, and Rooms2U does not and cannot review all Third Party Content made available through any part of the User Application or the Rooms2U Marketplace. As such, Rooms2U cannot guarantee the correctness of any Third Party Content or fitness for use of any Items posted on the Rooms2U Marketplace via the User Application.


17.  Liability and responsibilities

17.1       Nothing in this Agreement will:

a.             limit or exclude the liability of a party for death or personal injury resulting from negligence;

b.             limit or exclude the liability of a party for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation by that party;

c.              limit any liability of a party in any way that is not permitted under applicable law; or

d.             exclude any liability of a party that may not be excluded under applicable law.

17.2       You agree that in no way will we be liable for direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or any other remedies as a result of using our Services, applications or Marketplace or by any other third parties. Additionally, we are not liable for damages or remedies for website or App failure, error, omission, attack by hackers or pirates, interruption, delay in operation or transmission of videos, computer virus, or system failure; third-party theft of, destruction of or unauthorised access or alteration or use of your information or personal data (subject to GDPR or the Data Protection Act 2018 if applicable), whether we were negligent or not. This applies even if we have been advised of the possibility of something or could have foreseen loss or damage.

17.3       In no event shall Rooms2U be liable for any damages arising out of Your use of the User Application and/or the Rooms2U Marketplace, or for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the Third Party Content or offers or orders placed by Users relying on such Third Party Content. We will not be liable in respect of your loss of profits, income, revenue or anticipated savings or earnings, loss of goodwill or loss of reputation or any type of economic loss due to using our service, App or marketplace.

17.4       Rooms2U will be liable to You for any foreseeable loss or damage that is caused by Rooms2U as a result of Rooms2U’s breach of the Agreement's failure to exercise reasonable care and skill. Loss or damage is foreseeable if it is either obvious that it will occur or was contemplated by You and Rooms2U when the Agreement between the parties was formed. We will not be liable in respect of any loss or corruption of any data, database, or software.

17.5       Subject to GDPR or the Data Protection Act 2018, if applicable, we will not be liable for any data breach or data protection losses that were contributed to or caused by you.

17.6       Neither party will be liable for breach-of-contractual damages suffered by the other party that are remote or speculative, or that could not have reasonably been foreseen before entering into this agreement.

17.7       Rooms2U will only be liable to You for any foreseeable loss or damage that is caused by Rooms2U as a result of Rooms2U’s breach of the Agreement or Rooms2U’s failure to exercise reasonable care and skill. Loss or damage is foreseeable if it is either obvious that it will occur or was contemplated by You and Rooms2U when the Agreement between the parties was formed.

17.8       To the fullest extent permissible by law, Rooms2U exclude all representations, warranties, and guarantees (whether express or implied) that may apply to the Rooms2U Marketplace, User Application or any Content or Third Party Content.

17.9       Rooms2U exercise all reasonable skill and care to ensure that the User Application and the Rooms2U Marketplace are free from viruses and other malware. Subject to where it is unlawful for Rooms2U to exclude liability, Rooms2U accept no liability for any loss or damage resulting from a virus or other malware, a distributed denial of service attack, or other harmful material that may adversely affect Your hardware, software, data or other material that occurs as a result of Your use of the User Application and/or the Rooms2U Marketplace including the downloading of any Third Party Content or any other website or service that Rooms2U may provide a link to.

17.10    Rooms2U neither assume nor accept responsibility or liability arising out of any disruption or non-availability of the User Application or the Rooms2U Marketplace resulting from external causes including, but not limited to, ISP equipment failure, host equipment failure, communications network failure, natural events, acts of war, or legal restrictions and censorship.

17.11    Subject to the above, Rooms2U’s total liability to You in respect of any claims arising out of, or in connection with, this Agreement, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty or otherwise, shall not exceed £1,000 (one thousand Pounds Sterling).

17.12    Rooms2U cannot guarantee that the User Application and the Rooms2U Marketplace, including any Content, will be uninterrupted or error-free. Rooms2U cannot be held responsible for missed opportunities to purchase Rooms if the User Application and/or the Rooms2U Marketplace is unavailable or if any Content, information or functionality does not work as expected.


18.  Indemnification 

18.1       You agree to pay us for any losses, damage, settlements, liabilities, costs, charges, assessments, and expenses, as well as third-party claims and causes of action, including, without limitation, lawyer’s fees, arising from any breach by you of any of these Terms and Conditions. You will provide us with any help that We might ask for in connection with any such defence without any charge including, without limitation, giving us such information, documents, records, and reasonable access as we see necessary. You will not resolve any third-party claim or reject any defence without our prior written permission


19.   Intellectual Property

19.1       “Intellectual Property Rights” means any and all rights in any patents, trademarks, service marks, registered designs, applications (and rights to apply for any of those rights), trade, business and company names, internet domain names and e-mail addresses, unregistered trademarks and service marks, copyrights, database rights, know-how, rights in designs and inventions.

19.2       All Intellectual Property Rights subsisting in the User Application and the Rooms2U Marketplace shall at all times remain the property of Rooms2U or its licensors. Nothing in this Agreement shall vest any rights in any material provided by, or otherwise belonging to Rooms2U in the User.

19.3       Any Intellectual Property Rights arising from suggestions and recommendations from You to Rooms2U regarding the User Application or Rooms2U Marketplace are the property of Rooms2U and Rooms2U may use such content for marketing purposes or to improve the Rooms2U Platform for users.

19.4       Rooms2U shall be entitled to display advertising and/or any other Content at locations of its choosing within the Rooms2U Marketplace and/or User Application, including without limitation adjacent to Your content.

19.5       Our Site, promotional and marketing material, business stationery and digital materials any portion of the Website or the User Application or the Rooms2U Marketplace, any content, photographs, descriptions, software, image or other information or any data taken or used (collectively, “Content”). contain intellectual property owned by us including trademarks, copyrights, proprietary information, and other intellectual property. You may not modify, publish, transmit, participate in the transfer or sale of, create derivative works from, distribute, display, reproduce or perform, or in any way exploit in any format whatsoever any content or intellectual property, in whole or in part, without our prior written consent. 

19.6       For the sake of clarity, this does not apply to Content belonging to the User, for example, photos of Items from the User in the User Application or the Rooms2U Marketplace


20.  Copyright infringement

20.1       Rooms2U respects the Intellectual Property Rights of others and asks You to do the same. You may not use the User Application, the Rooms2U Marketplace, the Content or any other materials from the User Application or the Rooms2U Marketplace in any manner that may infringe upon any copyright or other Intellectual Property Rights of Rooms2U or any third party.



Term and Termination of Account

21.   Term

21.1       The Agreement shall continue in full force until either:

(a)            You terminate Your Account, or

(b)           Rooms2U terminates Your access to the User Application or non-public portions of the Rooms2U Marketplace, with or without notice.

21.2       When this Agreement is terminated, You no longer have access to the User Application or any other non-public portions of the Rooms2U Marketplace.


22.  Termination of Account

22.1       For purpose of clarity, You are entitled to terminate Your Rooms2U Account at any time. Choose “Delete Account” or any corresponding function in the User Application or contact Rooms2U requesting that your account be deleted. On your account termination date, Rooms2U will then delete or anonymise any personal information that can be attributed to You, except for certain information that Rooms2U by law may have to save and archive.


Miscellaneous Provisions

23.  Force Majeure

23.1       Where what is known as a Force Majeure Event gives rise to a failure or delay in either party performing its obligations under this Agreement (other than obligations to make payment), those obligations will be suspended for the duration of the Force Majeure Event. Examples of such events and circumstances, but not limited to, include fire, flood and natural occurrences, strikes, trade disputes, lockouts, restrictions of imports or exports, riots, accidents, disruption to energy supplies, lockdowns, pandemics, civil commotion, acts of terrorism or war

23.2       A party who becomes aware of a Force Majeure Event which gives rise to, or which is likely to give rise to, any failure or delay in performing its obligations under the Agreement;

a.              must notify the other; and

b.             will inform the other of the period for which it is estimated that such failure or delay b. will continue.

c.              The affected party will take reasonable steps to mitigate the effects of the Force Majeure Event.


24.  Changes or updates to the agreement

24.1       Rooms2U may change or update the Agreement from time to time, and any such change or update will be set in effect when posting the updated version of the Agreement on the Website or within the User Application or on the Rooms2U Marketplace.

24.2       When Rooms2U makes major changes to the Agreement, Rooms2U will provide You with prior notice as appropriate under the circumstances, e.g., by displaying a notice within the User Application, the Rooms2U Marketplace or by sending You an email. If You do not agree to the amended Agreement, You have the right to terminate Your Account.


25.  Termination of service

25.1       Rooms2U reserves the right to modify, suspend, or discontinue the User Application and the Rooms2U Marketplace without any notice at any time and without any liability to You if you are found violating, abusing or breaching.


26.  Jurisdiction and Governing law

26.1       You agree that any dispute or claim arising out of this agreement or in connection with its subject matter or formation, including non-contractual disputes or claims, will be governed and interpreted according to the Laws of England and Wales in English. You also agree that English courts have exclusive jurisdiction. 


27.  Assignment

27.1       Rooms2U may transfer (assign) our obligations and rights under the Agreement to a third party, e.g if Rooms2U sell the business. If this occurs, You will be informed by Rooms2U in writing. Your rights under this Agreement will not be affected and Rooms2U’s obligations under this Agreement will be transferred to the third party who will remain bound by them.


28.  Severability

28.1       If an appropriate court or arbitrator decides that a clause or condition in this contract is invalid or it conflicts with a law, the invalid clause can be cut from this agreement leaving the rest of the agreement valid and unaffected.

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