How To Maintain Your Garden Room This Autumn


Summer draws to a close, wedding and party season are quieting down, and regular rainfall is returning. Autumn is coming.Many of us will set foot in our gardens less and less over the coming months, and this means our garden rooms and buildings may become somewhat of an afterthought. Maintenance is essential even if you use your garden room regularly, such as an office or playroom, which won't be shutting down for the colder season.Most garden room manufacturers will recommend that you perform regular upkeep, ideally at least twice a year in spring and autumn. This may seem unnecessary, especially if you just recently had your garden building installed; however, getting into the habit is absolutely essential. Taking the time out to maintain the garden room will save you a lot of money rather than forking out for potential damage repair in the future.Here we offer our autumn tips on how to maintain your garden room.

1.  Clear The Gutters

All of those beautiful lush leaves and petals we cherished this summer have to go somewhere as they fall from the trees. They will, of course, end up in your gutter. This organic waste can cause water to seep into your garden room and cause leaks and damage. Check all your gutters for fallen leaves, twigs, and even rubbish that may have wafted in, and ensure all the gutter joints are secure. You could be extra eco-friendly and compost this waste to use on your flower beds. 

2.  Clean and Touch Up The Paintwork

As a general rule, your paintwork or cladding will only need a simple wash down twice a year. This will clean off any organisms that could destroy the paintwork. Clean any caulk and wipe your windows down. Don't use large amounts of water; grab a synthetic brush and a mild detergent solution instead of a hose pipe.While you're cleaning, you can have a look for any areas that could do with a lick of paint. Sand the area lightly with fine-grade sandpaper, rinse away the dust, let it dry and then paint!

3.  Wash The Roof

Your flat roof and its cappings should be washed down twice a year. You can use a hosepipe here but be careful not to force water through the tiles. Remember, the rooftop will become very slippery when it's wet, especially if the weather is cold.

4.  Check over the Hardware

Bolts, hinges and other fixings could get a lot of wear and tear over a half year period. Check them all for tightness. Grab some oil and lubricate the hinges; some WD40 will help in the locks to make sure they stay smooth. Do not lubricate friction hinges. Check the door tracks and window frames for any dirt or obstructions and clean these.

5.   Prep Your Heating

If you use your garden building year-round, then you likely have some type of heating source. Give your stove a clean and make sure you have plenty of wood stocked. If you use space heaters, wipe them over to avoid that burnt dust smell, and any inbuilt heating systems should be run in the autumn to make sure they're all operational before the cold sets in.

6.   Secure Your Valuables

If you are closing the garden building down for the colder months, remember to store away any valuables, take them into your main home if appropriate. Any outdoor furniture should be stored away, especially soft furnishings. You should securely lock all windows and doors and ensure that all power outlets and unused electrical appliances are turned off. We hope these tips have given you an idea of how to maintain your garden room you can follow every autumn to prepare your garden room, office or building for the colder and potentially quieter months. If you're hunting for your perfect garden, why not do your own search through our seller's listings.     

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