What Is Mindfulness and How Can I Do It?


You may not be aware, but Mindfulness Day, created by the not-for-profit organisation, Wisdom Publications fell on September 12. Wisdom Publications are a publisher of Buddhist books and practical works on mindfulness. This crucial element of Buddhism has gone far beyond Buddhists and has been made popular in the West by psychotherapists and psychologists. We hear the term frequently, mindfulness or being mindful, but what does it really mean, and how easy is it to implement into our daily lives? 

What Is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the ability of humans to be fully present and aware. Aware of what we are doing and where we are. It is also our essential ability not to be overly reactive or become overwhelmed by what goes on around us. It involves developing a presence in all aspects of our lives to do life rather than letting life do us.

Can I be Mindful?

Everyone possesses the ability to be mindful; however, often, the hustle and bustle of daily life mean this ability is lost. Our minds wander away and take flight, and we lose touch with our bodies and inner selves. Sometimes we become more tied up in obsessive thoughts, concerned with things that have not yet happened or that we have no control over.While mindfulness itself is an innate skill we all possess, it can be nurtured and cultivated through proven techniques.These techniques include:
  • Short pauses or breaks which we insert into our everyday lives

  • Combining mediation with yoga or sport

  • Seated, walking, standing and moving mediation (you can lie down; however, this often causes a person to fall asleep)

What Are The Benefits Of Mindfulness?

Mindfulness, and meditation themselves, shouldn’t be performed solely seeking benefits; however, of course, there are many.Benefits include:
  • Stress reduction

  • Gaining insight, awareness and emotional intelligence both of ourselves and others

  • Enhanced performance

  • Increased self-control

  • Improved concentration

How Can I Be More Mindful?

There are many ways to be more mindful. Here are just some:Meditate: Even 5 minutes a day to sit calmly and quietly, following your breath can help you feel more connected for the rest of the day. Take time to step away from your workplace or other busy environments to just be with yourself.Uni-Task: While much is said of people’s ability to multi-task, studies have actually shown that jobs take 50% longer, and you’re 50% more likely to make a mistake when multi-tasking. Instead, try making a to-do list and focus on just one task at a time.Pay Attention: Whether cleaning the bathroom, writing a report or cooking dinner, take time out to be in the moment. If you’re eating a meal, turn the TV off and put down your phone. Pay thoughtful attention to the task and hand. This healthy focus time can help to avoid a sense of being overwhelmed. It can also help you to recognise your achievements each day rather than feeling you “got nothing done.”Get Moving: Not house, but your body! Go for a walk, hit the gym, practice some yoga, even stand up to stretch at your desk regularly. Not only will these activities release endorphins, but they will also help you to be aware of the sensations of your body moving.Go Outside:  Hit the park with the kids, go for an evening stroll around your home, or trek to the hills or beach. However, you can get outside, do it! The sun and fresh air are great for your body; they also help with your circadian rhythms. Besides, getting out and seeing and taking in the world around you allows you to feel grounded, present and mindful.Whatever you are trying to achieve, we hope that you can add some of these mindfulness tips into your daily regime to improve your health, body, mind and soul. If you’re looking for some space to practice yoga and get mindful, why not check out these activity rooms

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