These 10 home office accessories will help you work smarter in 2022


Since the pandemic took hold in nearly 2020, working from home has become a way of life for money. As the new Omicron variant rips through society, we are once again being asked to work from home where possible. There are many positives to working from home, such as spending more time with family. However, a lack of space means that you have no physical separation between your work and personal life.This can lead to a lot of distractions and interruptions if you don't take measures to keep yourself productive throughout the day. With these ten home office accessories, we hope that you will be able to stay focused on your job while still enjoying all the benefits of working from home!

noice cancelling headphones home office accessories

Noice-cancelling headphones

Whether music helps to keep you focused or it's necessary to drown out the family, a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones are a necessity. While many of us have some earbuds these days, the battery can die on them. Instead, opt for a good pair of wired headphones with a microphone, perfect for video meetings.
standing desk attachment

Standing desk attachment

Working from home could mean you move less. You can switch between seated work and standing with a standing desk attachment. This helps to get the blood moving and switch up your positions during the day to avoid back pain. This one is from Amazon and has a keyboard and mouse tray as well making it even more innovative and useful. If you want to spend a bit less, you can get one without the keyboard tray.


Interruptions during the working day can help you lose your train of thought. Having a notepad on hand is vital. You can make notes, to-do lists and keep yourself on track. You can even help save the planet by opting for a virtual notepad, although you may find the connection between physically writing and remembering greater.

Desk organiser

A place for everything and everything in its place. If you live by this ethos, you'll find it easier to locate what you need, which in turn will speed up your workflow. If your desk is a mess and you can never locate what you need, you'll waste minutes each time. Those minutes add up. Invest in a desk organiser, pen pot, and filling system if necessary to keep everything on hand and easy to find.
gaming keyboard home office accesory

A good keyboard

You may think that all keyboards are created equal, but you would be wrong. You can increase productivity with a good keyboard as your typing speed can increase. Good keyboards are also much more comfortable to type on, helping you avoid RSI issues that can lead to long-term damage. While there are many fashion keyboards on the market, they are often not comfortable to type on. A good, old-fashioned keyboard is the way to go.
cable organsier

Cable organsier

Cables can get messy around a desk. Headphones, phone chargers, USB cables etc., can all get tangled and cluttered, making it difficult to get the wire you need. A simple cable organiser can keep everything within reach and easy to spot. These are inexpensive and will keep things neat and organised. These are home office accessories that can be used around the home where devices are often charged.
broadband booster

Broadband Booster

If you're working in a garden office or somewhere far from the router, a broadband booster is a must. Slow internet speeds can hinder your progress; no one wants a buffer face. These devices can be picked up relatively cheaply from Argos or Amazon.
home office accessories mouse mat

A mouse mat

This small, simple object helps keep your mouse working optimally. Dust, crumbs and hairs can get into the bottom of your mouse and make it inaccurate or slow. A mouse mat not only helps your mouse glide effortlessly but can also be easier to keep clean with a quick shake.
ergonomic office chair

Ergonomic chair

Good posture is vital. When we slump, we can increase discomfort and pain. In fact, a 2009 study found that sitting up straight, sticking your chest out improved confidence, whereas slouching increases negative thoughts. Investing in a good ergonomic chair will make a real difference to your productivity.
desk plants

Desk plants

Plants are amazing, there are many benefits of keeping a little plant or two on your desk. Not only will it help to reduce stress and increase productivity and creativity but they also clean the air. As far as home office accessories go, they may not be the first thing that springs to mind, but a little plant can actually make a huge difference. Succulents are a great choice because they're easier to maintain.
 So, there we have it, ten simple things you can install in your home office to improve productivity. How many do you already have?

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