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A man recently made the news by creating a stunning garden office after tearing down his garden shed. The thrifty amateur builder estimates he saved himself about £14,000 with his self-build garden room.The pandemic has changed the way so many of us work, and this was no different for businessman Jonathan Bradley. Mr Bradley realised that the worldwide lockdown had affected his ability to run the online business seminars he had been running for business leaders worldwide. The business model he had been adopting just didn’t fit with the pandemic restrictions.Mr Bradley had only limited DIY experience, and whilst he recognised that he needed a new purpose-built space, he knew he could not afford someone to come and build it for him. He did bring in a professional to wire the electrics and bring power from the house; the rest of the work, including levelling the ground by creating concrete blocks using springform cake tins, was done by Mr Bradley himself. He used many pre-loved items and recycled materials as often as he could, which kept costs low. The cost-saving exercise included purchasing items like windows and doors on Facebook Marketplace. Much of the cost was actually down to insulation needed to keep the new garden office warm and act as soundproofing for recording podcasts and taking calls.If you find yourself in the same position as Jonathan, desperately needing more space but perhaps hoping to save some time, you might want to check out some of our sellers’ DIY options.Magic-Garden offers a brilliant penny-pinching option in the form of a steel frame only service (as seen pictured at the start of this post). These range from £3,500 – approximately £6,000. The frame is crafted from light gauge steel, which is widely used in construction because of its strength and speed with which structures can be built.Magic-Garden will come to your property to erect the steel frame and even offer options to purchase doors, windows and exterior fittings from them as well. This brilliant option for determined DIYers allows for a potentially huge cost saving. This frame-only option will enable you to complete the rest of the build yourself. Of course, if you want electrics in your garden room or office, then you’ll need a professional to install those, but you will still stand to save a significant amount of money.Cotswold Garden Spaces offer seven different Lugard self-build garden rooms, all of which you can erect yourself. These stunning structures made from solid pine logs are a lovely addition to any property and come in a wide range of sizes and styles.You can search through all of our DIY and self-assembly garden rooms, save yourself a bundle and still have the stunning garden room you’ve always wanted!

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