How to Create a Multipurpose Garden Room


*Garden Room Pictured is The Twilight by Into The Garden RoomInvesting in a garden room is a great solution for those who need extra space. Garden rooms are so versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes, such as a home office, an extra bedroom, a home gym and more. For those who have a need for more than one additional space, creating a multipurpose garden room could be the perfect solution. Let’s explore how to do this…

Split your room with partition walls

Partition walls can be used to create a completely separate room or area within your main garden building. Partition walls are usually optional upgrades to a garden building and can be used to create a space that perfectly suits your needs. Perhaps you want to create a small storage space within your garden room or separate the structure into two separate areas to be used for different purposes.While some people choose to use partition walls to create storage cupboards, others use them to create a private area such as a shower room or small bathroom. The latter can be useful in garden rooms used as home gyms or guest living spaces.Another way to use partition walls is to create two entirely separate rooms for different purposes. For example, you may wish to split the space within your garden building so that you can use it as both a home office and a social or family area. This allows you to get the maximum utility for your money.You can add internal doors, if you choose, to allow for easy access between the separate spaces. This option is, of course, essential for things like shower rooms or storage cupboards but can also allow you to get creative with how you use your space. For example, if you use your garden building to run a home business, you could choose to separate the space with partition walls and internal doors to create a private office area and an additional meeting room or client area.

Create a broken plan layout

If you don’t want to separate your space using partition walls, you can instead use clever design tricks to divide your room into different areas. A broken plan layout would be perfect for this. Broken plan is a similar concept to open plan living spaces but refers to the use of split levels, different floor finishes, different patterns and colours, furniture and semi-permanent partitions to create different zones within a room.Subtle divides such as screens and bookcases can be used to separate different areas. The benefit of this approach is that it is so easy to switch it up at any time according to your evolving needs. One of the benefits of broken plan living is that it helps to retain the spacious feel within a structure, which can be lost with the addition of partition walls.This approach allows you to get creative with your interior design, making a space that is both multifunctional while showing off your personality. It’s the ideal solution for garden rooms that are used by multiple members of a household for different purposes at different times. It’s also ideal for garden rooms which are used as guest accommodation because it allows you to create distinct areas, such as a sleeping space and living space. Creating a multipurpose garden room is the perfect way to get maximum utility and value out of your investment. One of the best things about garden rooms is that you can design and adapt them to perfectly suit the needs of you and your family. Adding partition walls or using clever design techniques can help ensure everyone gets what they need from the additional space.

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