5 Top Tips for Living in a Tiny Home


The tiny house movement has been gathering pace for some time now and shows no signs of abating. Part of the minimalist trend, tiny homes are popular because they save people money and allow them to downsize on material possessions which is widely believed to boost happiness and wellbeing. Tiny homes also go some way to solving some of the world’s biggest problems including environmental decline, homelessness and overpopulation. If you’re new to tiny living, here are our top 5 tips for making a tiny space liveable…

1. Share Facilities

It’s easier for two people to live together in 400 square feet than one person living in 200 square feet because you can share facilities such as kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces. You could go one step further and live in a communal setting where facilities are external and shared by all community members. This type of arrangement means that you don’t have to sacrifice space in your tiny house for shower rooms or cooking facilities. It all depends on your priorities.

2. Make Every Inch Count

Make every inch of your tiny home count by doubling up on functionality. A dining table can also be a kitchen worktop and a study area. If it gets in the way when it’s not performing these functions, make it fold up onto the wall. Make a cover for your bathtub so it doubles up as a seat. Almost anything can be hung up out of the way on the wall, whether it’s cooking equipment, shoes, kids toys or your bike. Part of the fun of tiny living is being creative about your use of space and building problem-solving skills. There’s loads of inspiration online if you’re not sure where to start.

3. Design Your Space Around Your Lifestyle

You can incorporate all the clever storage solutions under the sun in your tiny home but if you’re not actually going to use them then they are a waste of valuable space. Do you actually eat at a table or in front of the telly? Will shelves be useful or just encourage you to accumulate more things? How much storage space do you actually need and what is it for? Think about how you actually want to use your home on a daily basis and then design it to meet those needs.

4. Make Use of Community Spaces

Part of the appeal of tiny living is that it allows people to focus more on what really matters, which usually means spending more time with others. A great way of doing this is by utilising community spaces for larger gatherings; if you can’t fit everyone round your tiny table for celebration meals, why not have them in your local community centre and invite other people from the community along too. When the weather is good, make use of natural spaces in the community such as parks and beaches.

5. Make Space to be Alone

Sharing your tiny home is great but, if you’re not careful, you can tread on each other’s toes. Make sure you make time and space to be alone. This can be done easier outside of the house when space is of limited supply. Go exploring the local area and find places that are perfect for alone time, whether it’s cafes, gyms, libraries or outside places. For many people, this is key to making their tiny home lifestyle work long-term.


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