5 Benefits You Can Only Get from a Garden Building


*Featured Image is a Composite Garden BuildingWhether you need additional space or simply want to improve your home, a garden building is a versatile and cost-effective option. They’re becoming an increasingly popular way to add space to a property, and for good reasons. Here’s 5 benefits you can only get from a garden building…

1. Providing supervised independent living for family members

A garden building can provide an independent living space for young adults or elderly relatives who may need support from time to time. If you are a parent to a young adult who is itching for independence, a garden room can provide them with the self-contained living space they desire while still keeping them close by. It’s a great stepping stone for older teenagers, allowing them to experience independent living in a safe way before moving out of the family home entirely.A garden building can also provide the perfect accommodation for elderly relatives who may need a bit of support from time to time. You can create a space with all the amenities they need including a shower room, kitchen area and sleeping quarters while being close by should they need assistance or companionship at any time.

2. Creating a professional home workspace to meet clients

More people than ever are running home businesses these days or dreaming of doing so in the near future. While a small room in the main house can make for an adequate private office space, it doesn’t provide the most professional image should you wish to meet clients or associates.By investing in a garden room to use as an office or business premises, you can create a professional space to hold meetings or see clients without them having to enter your home at all. You can design your space however you like to suit your business and what you offer. This will allow clients or associates to feel as though they’re in a professional space even though you’re working from home. It also enables you to distance yourself completely from any distractions you may experience while working in the main house.

3. Escaping family members without leaving home

While we love our family members dearly, there’s no denying that we all need our own time and space sometimes. A garden building can provide the ideal space to take time out for yourself without leaving home. You can design the perfect retreat that meets your self-care needs, such as a relaxing space to watch TV or play games, a home spa, hobby room, mancave or personal gym.You can even create a multipurpose space that has something for everyone, so each member of the family has the opportunity for ‘me time’ when they need it. Using a garden room for this purpose allows you to take time out while still being close by if you’re really needed.

4. Hosting a garden party all year round

Who doesn’t love a garden party in the summer months? With a garden room, you can host garden parties all year round, whatever the weather. A garden room can provide shelter adequate enough to entertain a group of friends should the weather take a turn for the worst.For those who love entertaining at home, a garden room is the perfect solution ensuring the main house doesn’t get disturbed. Minibars are a popular addition to garden rooms intended for this purpose. You can create the perfect party vibe with lighting and décor to your taste. Garden rooms with a decking area are ideal for seating space, BBQs and even hot tubs. Inside, you can add a kitchenette, fridge, comfy seating and entertainment systems. You’ll be the envy of all your friends.

5. Getting additional space without altering the main house

Adding a garden building to your property allows you to benefit from additional space without making any alterations to the main house. Extensions, loft conversions and partition walls can be costly and disruptive to your life while building works are underway. But with a garden room, you can get the additional space you need with minimal disruption to living and in a short space of time.Most garden buildings don’t require planning permission and can be completed in as little as a week or less. Garden buildings are extremely versatile and can meet a variety of different space requirements, including a home office, extra bedroom, self-contained living quarters, home gyms and much more. Investing in a garden building is a cost-effective way to add value to your property and provide you with extra space without having to alter the main house or move home entirely. This is why they’re becoming increasingly popular and starting to overtake traditional home extension methods.

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